In 2022, more than ever before, people are turning to side hustles as a way to increase their income. But with the increased competition of the gig economy there is also more competition for these jobs. This blog post will give you five strategies on how to get ahead of your competitors and earn more money in 2022.


Here are 5 ways easiest way to start earning extra income in 2022:

1. Sell your old clothes online

What if I told you that you could find $500 in your closet? Or even $1,000? Yep! With the resale market expected to grow to up to $41B by 2022, it looks like second-hand stores (both physical and online) are becoming much more desirable since the thrill of the hunt for gently used fashion is only becoming more and more enticing.

Let’s see how you can get in on the action.

A. ThredUP

B. Poshmark

C. Tradesy

Selling clothes online is fun and rewarding, which is why so many people do it. As long as you have the right mindset (and an eye for fashion), it can be the fastest and easiest way to make extra cash.

2. Build a hub on the internet to earn on affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing continues to develop rapidly, which is reflected in the continued growth in the number of affiliates and affiliate programs.


Making money on the internet with affiliate marketing is more and more competitive yet still lucrative. It is and remains crucial to actively keep abreast of the latest developments. Which channels are the major players using to attract visitors? How can the conversion on a blog be twice as high with a few simple steps?

One of the top programs that can get you into affiliate marketing is Four Percent’s affiliate masterclass program.

Check out details by clicking here.


3. Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing is the best way to make money online because there isn’t to work under control to company Be your Own Boss. Freelance writing isn’t dependent on one project. They have multiple choices to grow, and you can give your 100% as much as you can get more money in less time.

Here are some of the best freelance writing Websites for even beginners.

A.      Freelancer: is one of the world’s largest and most significant freelancing marketplace with around 40 million users from all over the world in 247 countries, regions, and territories.

B.      Upwork: Upwork is enormous and has become the largest marketplace for running an agency and earning more money in less time. It pays very well.


4. Get paid to test products


A. Toluna: Best For Creating online content, online forums, and mobile surveys. Minimum payout of USD 10 per survey.


Toluna Singapore offers the best paid surveys in Singapore for its members when they can earn as much as $10 by answering brief surveys on their phones. Most of the time, its surveys will last between 15 and 20 minutes.

Members of Toluna Singapore can access the surveys by clicking the link sent to their inboxes

Another thing we like about Toluna Singapore is the fact that it’s open to Internet users in over 60+ countries, making it easier to discuss with more users on the online forums. Users can even take the surveys in their own language.


B. Green Panthera: Best for Online forums, mobile surveys, and focus groups. Minimum payout of USD 1-10 per survey

Upon joining Green Panthera, members will automatically receive a $5 joining bonus, one of the highest sign-up bonuses we’ve ever found here in Singapore. It offers multiple daily surveys to its members, but there’s a catch: not all members are eligible to answer surveys, so you might need some patience waiting for the right survey.

Waiting aside, Green Panthera is quite generous when it comes to rewards for members. You can earn as much as $10 per survey and at least $150 when participating in focus groups — which are quite difficult to get into, though.

If you like shopping online, Green Panthera offers discounts to a few online shops where you can save a little money when purchasing something.

C. Opinion World: Best for Online forums, polls, and videos. Minimum payout USD 10


OpinionWorld is an online platform that rewards its members for sharing their thoughts online and discussing with other users. It’s owned by the trusted survey company named Survey Sampling International, so there’s no denying that it’s legit.

One of the best features about OpinionWorld is how brief its surveys are. Members only need to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes on each survey, which is a lot faster compared to other paid surveys that take almost an hour to finish.

OpinionWorld can be accessed using the mobile phone, allowing users to take surveys while commuting or taking a short break from work



5. Start an Etsy store with handmade crafts and sell them online

Hand-knit dog booties? Portraits made of gum? “Seinfeld”-themed enamel pins? Whatever objects you love to craft, no matter how niche they are, there’s a horde of consumers out there looking for your product — and most of them are browsing the Etsy marketplace.

If you don’t have previous experience with the platform, starting an Etsy shop may seem like a complicated prospect. But in reality, opening an Etsy shop is relatively straightforward and can provide for an optimal home for your products — either alongside an existing website or e-commerce platform — or as your primary online storefront.


It's possible to make extra income in 2022. You just need to know where and how. Start by trying out on the 5 ways and you can earn more money this year! Let’s make 2022 the most profitable year of all time!

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